GPS signal jammer

GPS signal jammer can be effectively blocker signal Global Positioning System. Whether you are at home or in the driving process, it can guarantee that your personal location is not available. Your personal privacy can be adequately protected. Such devices are also often used to protect politicians and counter espionage operations.

Possible uses of GPS jammers

Investigating suspects: Usually, distractors are only used for criminals who want to steal valuable cars or break into buildings. With the Jammer detector, you can detect suspicious objects early. With the help of a flexible power supply, it can also be used in cars, allowing emergency vehicles to be searched extensively.

Protect the GSM alarm system from damage: If there is a GSM alarm system in the building that uses a mobile network to transmit alarm signals, an emergency call can be sent through a jammer to prevent this situation. If the anti-theft attempts to damage the alarm system with this jammer, the jammer detector will promptly remind you.

Extend the conventional alarm system: Even if the alarm system transmits signals through the landline, interference detectors can also improve safety. Regardless of whether you use a GSM alarm system, intruders using jammers will be identified before the intrusion.