ELF BAR 600 Puffs Disposable Vape – From£3.7

Elf bar 600 overview

Elf bar 600 disposable vape equipment is easy to use. Offering 31 delicious flavors, you can also get up to 600 mouthfuls of steam before you need to change. Each was pre filled with 0 mg or 20 mg nicotine salt electronic liquid, which is very good for people looking for electronic cigarettes close to smoking.

This is a completely disposable kit in which every part is built. The 550mah battery of each kit can eject up to 600 ports of steam. In addition, there are a variety of sweet and fruity flavors to choose from to meet any preference. Each 20 mg energy bar is equivalent to 20 cigarettes.

This small kit is compact and stylish. It can be easily put into your pocket or bag and won’t hinder you when you go out. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it sacrifices performance. In fact, its performance is as good as other small pod kits. It also has a large battery of 550mah, so most e-cigarette users can use it for a whole day, and then they may need to replace it.

Elf bar has a built-in coil using organic cotton, which helps to make the taste better. There are 31 delicious flavors to choose from, which is suitable for almost any e-cigarette user. From fruity blueberries and grapes to simple spearmint, this kit is perfect for picking up and smoking.

Which vape shop should try this toolkit?

The easy-to-use and compact size is ideal for anyone who has just come into contact with electronic cigarettes. It’s also easy to carry around, which saves the trouble of trying to carry large items. Because there is no replacement coil or electronic liquid to recharge, it is not so daunting to use.

If you already use e-cigarettes, elf bar 600 disposable e-cigarettes are very suitable for outdoor use. It can also be used as a backup for conventional e-cigarettes. This is useful if bulky equipment does not fit or becomes cumbersome. It’s also good to try new and exciting flavors.

How to use it?

Remove the silicone cover from the bottom of the kit and the nozzle.

That’s it. You’re ready!

Remember, this is an automatic drawing suite, so no buttons are required. When you inhale into the mouthpiece, it automatically activates the coil.