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giant panda

The giant panda (scientific name: Ailuropoda melanoleuca), also known as the giant panda, is generally called “cat bear” or “cat bear”. It is a mammal belonging to the carnivorous order Ursidae. Its body color is black and white. Pandas are endemic to China and their main existing habitats are the mountainous areas around the Sichuan Basin in central and western China and the Qinling region in southern Shaanxi. There are approximately 2,060 wild giant pandas left in the world (2016 data). At the end of 2016, the World Conservation Union (IUCN) downgraded the giant panda’s threat level from “Endangered” to “Vulnerable”.Sexdoll

In 2021, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China published a white paper on “Biodiversity Conservation in China” stating that the number of giant pandas in the wild has increased from 1,114 40 years ago to 1,864, downgrading the threat level of giant pandas from “endangered” to “vulnerable” . It is a national treasure in mainland China. Giant pandas are known as living fossils in the biological world.

The black and white appearance of giant pandas makes them very popular among people and they have a large number of fans all over the world. When the World Wildlife Fund was established in 1961, the giant panda was used as its symbol. The giant panda has become the most important symbol of endangered species protection. The giant panda is also an important representative of China’s friendly expressions to the other party in diplomatic activities. American international politics scholar Joseph Nair even bluntly said that giant pandas are regarded as an important pillar of China’s expansion of soft power and have the same purpose as the British royal family.love doll

Some scholars speculate that during the pre-Qin period, “White Leopard”, “Feng Bao”, “Pi Xiu”, “Zou Wu (Zou Yu)” and “White Tiger” were recorded in the “Shan Hai Jing” as the ancient Chinese’s description of giant pandas. The title of “The Book of Songs” is recorded in “Daya·Han Yi” as “Xian Qi Pi Pi”, in “Daya·Xing Ye” as “Qi De Yin”, in “Daya·Zhao Nan” as “Xu Qi De Yin”. “It’s like Zou Yu”. From the Han Dynasty’s “Erya” to the Qing Dynasty’s “Ancient and Modern Books Collection·Museum Collection·Birds and Insects Code”, a collection of ancient books, legends, nicknames or homophones from past dynasties, there are more than 30 names that are considered to be giant pandas in various parts of China.

However, He Qifen, in his article “Thoughts on the Ancient Names of Giant Pandas”, Sun Qian analyzed the names such as “Zouyu”, “Tapir”, “Pixiu”, “Leopard” and “White” that appeared in ancient Chinese books. “Leopard” and other descriptions are considered to refer to the giant panda, which is questioned, and it is believed that it was attached later. This article points out that “in previous papers and monographs involving the ancient names of giant pandas, although speculation and research on the ancient names of giant pandas have been made, it is difficult to say that we have actually found the basic names of giant pandas in both text descriptions and drawings. Any evidence that is consistent with it.”Anime Sex Doll

In Chinese, “panda” and “cat bear” are modern terms, not ancient terms. In 1869, French Catholic missionary Armand David discovered the panda in Dengchigou, Baoxing County, Sichuan, and named the panda Ursus melanoleucus. Local villagers call it “Flower Bear”. Later, after identifying the giant panda specimens sent by Armand Davide, zoologist Alphonse Miller Edwards of the French National Museum of Natural History published “On Several Animals in Eastern Tibet”, in which he wrote: In terms of appearance, it is indeed similar to a bear, but its bones and teeth are different from those of bears, and similar to Panda (red panda) and raccoons.” Therefore, he changed the name of “Black and White Bear” to “Ailuropoda melanoleuca” (meaning “Ailuropoda Melanoleuca”). Red panda-like beast). Although he proposed the spelling “Ailuropus melanoleuca” the following year, it was not adopted in the end. [12]

The name “panda” was actually obtained by the lesser panda (also known as firefox, red panda). Lifelike Sex Dolls The scientific name of the panda family Ailuridae is derived from the scientific name of the lesser panda, Ailurus fulgens. Because the giant panda was originally classified into the Panda family, the name giant panda was named relative to the red panda. However, because the giant panda is far more famous than the red panda, when we talk about “panda” alone, it gradually changes to refer specifically to the giant panda. The word “panda” was used as early as 1915. The “Chinese Big Dictionary” compiled in 1915 and published in 1935 wrote on page 935 of “Bear” (Part 3): “Panda, the name of the animal, is like a cat and is good at climbing trees.” From the attached picture of the panda, it can be seen from the attached picture of the panda that it was referring to at that time. It’s a red panda. However, on page 1849 of “Cihai” published in 1938, “Panda” writes: “The name of the animal is native to Xinjiang;… it was discovered by the French scientist Billy David sixty years ago.” It has been used to refer to Giant panda.

The word “panda” is the most commonly used name in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and earlier Taiwan. However, after President Ma Ying-jeou of the Republic of China came to power, he stipulated that the official name is “cat panda”, requiring the media to correct the name, because bears are The main noun, cat, is the modifier, and the word “cat and bear” is opposite to “dog bear”, which is in line with the current Chinese habit of putting modifiers first. Young giant pandas should be called “juvenile giant pandas”, “giant panda cubs” or “giant panda babies” rather than “red pandas” because red pandas are another species.Elf sex doll

In addition, the English word “bearcat” (literally meaning “panda”) also refers to another species, the bearcat