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Did you know that sex dolls can reduce weight?

For many people who want to buy sex dolls, the weight of sex dolls is a point of great concern for them. It is true that most life-size Sex Doll have a heavy weight, usually over 30kg. It is not easy to move them or change position if you need to do so during use.

Faced with this situation, some people choose small sex dolls, but everyone has different preferences, and most people still prefer lifelike sex dolls. Manufacturers have learnt about customer requests and have begun researching techniques to reduce the weight of sex dolls.

Weight reduction techniques in the manufacture of SexpuppenOne widely used method for reducing the weight of sex dolls is the foam core technique. The core idea behind this technique is to use lightweight foam padding inside the sex doll to reduce the overall weight of the doll while maintaining the external shape and contours. Major brands such as Starpery and Piper Dolls have adopted this method to improve ease of use without compromising the overall quality of the silicone sex dolls.

Interestingly, the ElsaBabe brand has taken a different approach. They have managed to reduce the weight of their silicone sex dolls by using lightweight silicone inside the dolls. Despite the weight reduction, they have ensured that the silicone skin remains over 1.5 cm thick on the surface, so that the original softness and tactile experience is retained. This strategy demonstrates the potential of innovative solutions to continuously improve the user experience of Anime Sex Doll.

Does weight loss affect the tactility of sex dolls?While this technology solves the problem of difficult handling during use, it does lead to problems that affect the tactile sensation of sex dolls. Essentially, the degree of weight reduction correlates with the amount of foam core used – the greater the weight reduction, the more foam core is added and the firmer the doll’s skin feels.

Finding the right balance is crucial. The optimal amount of weight reduction can improve the user experience, while over-emphasising it can result in a less authentic and stiffer feel. Most brands have conducted extensive experimentation to find this ‘sweet spot’. Fine-tuning the weight reduction to a certain point ensures that the touch feels as close as possible to that of an unreduced sex doll. Liebespuppen that utilise these techniques have therefore achieved the best of both worlds in terms of feel and experience.

Whether or not a customer should opt for a reduced-weight sex doll depends entirely on their own preferences. Customers looking for realism need not choose this option, and reduced weight is important if they want easier handling, as large sex dolls are usually more difficult to control. Many manufacturers offer this option, such as WM Doll, Zelex Doll, FJ Doll and others. Some brands such as Starpery, Irontech and ElsaBabe offer reduced-weight versions of their sex dolls as standard.

The development of sex dolls is progressing rapidly. Almost every month we receive positive news from the factories about new features or updates to options and much more. Therefore, you can proceed with confidence when buying Teen Sexpuppe. Many buyers even purchase more than one doll and come back after a certain period of use to buy a brand new sex doll. This makes for a surprising experience.