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Classification of guitars

Guitars can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the acoustic guitar with a long history and amplified by a wooden resonance box. The second is the electric guitar invented in the 20th century, which uses a pickup and a speaker to amplify the sound. Acoustic guitars are often used for the performance or accompaniment of classical music, folk music and pop music. The electric guitar occupies a special position in rock, blues, jazz and pop music. The invention and advent of the electric guitar also had an important impact on the development of Western pop culture and music. However, with the advancement and combination of electronic technology and craftsmanship, the appearance and connotation of guitars have undergone more changes. Modern guitars can be further subdivided based on their construction methods, sounding principles, and functional orientations: Sexdoll

Hawaiian guitar: includes Hawaiian guitar and electric guitar. The tuning and posture playing methods are completely different from the Spanish guitar. It mainly focuses on playing melody and has a beautiful sound.Spanish guitars are divided into three categories:Classical guitar: also known as Spanish guitar, also known as Spanish classical guitar. Mainly playing classical music, with rich skills and high artistry, mainly using nylon strings, the sound is soft and elegant.Folk guitar: mainly used for accompaniment of songs or self-playing and singing. It can be played with fingers or picks. It is highly entertaining. It uses steel strings and has a bright sound.liebespuppeFlamenco guitar: Originated in the Andalucia region, it used to accompany dances and songs. Later, it learned from classical guitar techniques, and its artistry was improved to allow it to play solo. Its appearance is similar to that of a classical guitar, and it uses nylon strings.Electric guitar: The first electric guitar was an acoustic guitar with a pickup connected to a speaker to amplify the volume. Later, most of them used solid-body guitars (jazz still continues to use hollow-body electric guitars). It is an important part of modern pop music and rock music. Accompaniment and solo instruments.

The structure of the guitarwooden guitarToday’s common acoustic guitars generally have six or twelve strings, Love Dolls but there are also four-string, eight-string, and ten-string types. The whole body is composed of three parts: “head”, “neck” and “body”.

HeadThe main function of the headstock is to support the string tension at the front of the guitar. In terms of appearance design, most of the guitar’s brand logo will be printed on the front of the headstock; some customized guitars will have decorative patterns embedded on the headstock; some guitars will have edge guards embedded on the outer edge of the headstock. The junction between the headstock and the neck is also a very fragile part and can easily break due to collision.Japanische Sexpuppe

ButtonsTuning Heads: There are two types: gear type and hydraulic type. They are mainly used to adjust the tension of the strings. The higher the string tension, the higher the tone, and vice versa. The materials of the tune buttons are more common combinations of plastic-metal and wood-metal.

Brass top nutNut: Located at the junction of the headstock and the neck, it is mainly used to maintain the distance between the strings and the fingerboard at the front of the guitar. Teen Sexpuppen There will be shallow grooves on the saddle to fix the position of the strings and prevent them from sliding. Common materials for saddles include plastic, camel bone, cow bone, plastic steel, and metal.