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Lifelike TPE Love Doll Deal

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EVO enhanced version skeleton: More skeleton, more reasonable, more Simulation, easy operation, could realize perfectly the gestures of kneeling position, asian squat, palm hold the chin, do shrug and hold out a bosom, etc. Meanwhile use more aluminum parts to achieve light weight.

New fans won’t have so much money, mainly because they don’t know enough about dolls. Of course, some baby masters have prepared high budgets and bought more expensive bbw sex doll. uloversdoll Reminder: When choosing a real doll brand, be careful! !

Hollow breasts’ forming technology is advanced, more reasonable hollow space without second slotting, for real touching and light weight. Oral, vagina and anus channel are totally separated with internal skeleton, which is sanitary, antirust and safe

Packing is more reasonable and safe, every sex doll use memory foam for package, cheap Japanese sex doll you can get. and dedicated white blanket to cover whole body, in the mean time, the measurement of the packing is relatively small for easy transportation and collection.