My Favorite BBW Sex Doll

The store maintains a strong relationship with some of the best silicone sex dolls manufacturers, including WM Doll, JY, YLdoll, ORDoll, Piper, among others. This means that the production isn’t delayed and customization is very much possible.

My Favorite Sex Doll

if you can’t find the shemale sex doll of your dreams in the catalog, just reach out and you’ll get a unique product customized just for you. What’s more, the strong relationship between the store and manufacturers allows for quick processing and production of your order.

This store is for all and no one is to be left behind. Whether you want a female, male, shemale, or torso sex doll, your imagination is the only constraint. And with the customization options, the sky is the limit. So, pick your big ass sex doll and customize everything from the hair and eye color to the vagina and butt shape/size.

Sex Dolls Selection

Sex Dolls has one of the most extensive collections of both silicone and TPE love doll. The beauty of life is diversity and this store certainly appreciates diversity. Pick the material that excites you the most and run with it.

my favorite sex doll shop for the longest time now. This incredible online retail store boasts of an extensive collection from popular manufacturers. From the moment you reach out to the day the FedEx guy knocks on your door, SRSD will be with you every step of the way.

Price Range

Just like you’d expect, the pricing varies greatly, mostly depending on the material used and customizations carried out.

At present, the prices of doll manufacturers are roughly in the range of 1000-2000 US dollars, if you buy silicone dolls, the price is more expensive, about 2000-4000 US dollars

However, Sexy Real Sex Dolls maintains a close relationship with love doll manufacturers, something that eliminates middlemen. For this reason, products from the stores are more affordable as compared to competitors. So, why pay more when you can get one for the right price.


Is my order completely private?

Yes, your order is safe, we use a private package, carefully shipped, and the outer layer of the package does not contain any product-specific labels.