• ₹200

WK-D2A2-E2 Retractable Single Lever Standing Electric Single Motor Lift Desk

WK-D2A2-E2 telescopic single-pole standing ergonomic desk that can be lifted and lowered is a single-motor lifting desk with a product bearing capacity of 80KG, a stroke of 450MM, a frame height of 700-1150MM, a frame length of 1050-1550MM, and a lifting speed of 25MM/S.WK-D2A2-E2 retractable single lever standing electric single motor lift desk products are available in simple black, white and gray three colors, the table base is stable, the table legs are retractable, ergonomic, rebound in case of resistance, and the office height can be adjusted.Standing desks improve employee health while increasing their productivity and should be a pandemic trend in the future.