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Don’t Buy Smart Sex Dolls

A few other things to consider before you buy a smart sex doll:

Why do you want sex dolls?

Are you prepared to put the work into maintaining your doll?

While they are essentially “perfect”, it’s not a perfection that comes for free.

In the age of coronavirus, masturbating is akin to public service: You stay inside, get all the health benefits of an orgasm, and stave off the urge to break social distancing for some lovin’.

That’s why the recent spike in silicone sex dolls sales as COVID-19, the diseased caused by the coronavirus, spreads is something to celebrate. In the now-iconic words of the New York Health Department, during the pandemic, “you are your safest sex partner.” Couples who suddenly find themselves being long-distance while quarantining in separate homes are turning to pricey high-tech, internet-enabled sex toys that claim to keep you connected while apart, according to reports of booming sales from Rolling Stone and Ask Men.

But they’re in for an unpleasant surprise.

Now is the worst time to waste your money on internet-connected sex toys. In our exhaustive testing of some of the most popular high-tech toys, we found that most touting features like Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi-enabled remote play, app features, and interactive long-distance toys that sync with your partner were barely functional even before the pandemic. Now, with internet speeds in cities across America and Europe declining, they are likely more unusable than ever.

So horny, well-meaning social-distancers are now spending between $2000 to $4000 for internet-connected features made moot by the very thing they sought to circumvent (coronavirus). And in this economy, no one has the cash to waste on a useless, non-refundable smart sex dolls.

Luckily there are far more affordable, albeit analog, ways to bring innovation into your love life, whether you’re flying solo or with a long-distance partner. You just might have to get a bit more creative.

Why smart TPE love doll won’t work right nowThere’s a multitude of ways and reasons behind the failures of the tech in the smart sex doll space. But the biggest culprit is particularly exacerbated by the ripple effect of coronavirus: bad Bluetooth connection. You see, many smart love doll claim that by connecting to Bluetooth, you can do everything from let your partner control your toy remotely or sync it up to their smart toy so the two respond to each other’s movements.

No one has the cash to waste on a useless, non-refundable smart dolls.Some manufacturers claim that sex dolls can heat up to ask questions, and the consumer is that the material of the mini sex doll is very thin, the body of the doll can be heated, but it takes 40 minutes to feel the temperature. You must heat up 40 minutes before use, if you have enough patience, this will not be a problem.

That means most internal toys (which many of the most popular high-tech toys are) inevitably and repeatedly lose connection when used as instructed. The more turned on you get (meaning, well, wet), the worse that connection becomes. That’s not to mention that closing your legs or wearing any clothing can cause even more interference. So your best bet for a spotty connection during your virtual quarantine sex is to remain bare-ass naked and spread eagle the entire time.

On top of all that, the apps used to supposedly connect the toys to you and/or your partner’s phone — boasting integrated video chats and control panels — are also nightmarishly unusable, full of glitches and bad design.

However, for some more consumers buying big chest sex dolls, these dolls are fat and plump, the tpe material of the body is thick, and the heating power in the body cannot penetrate the thick material, so even if you wait 40 Minutes have no body temperature, so if you need a heating function, we recommend that you do not buy bbw sex doll.

Again, these are just the standard problems for internet-connected dolls on the best day. During the pandemic, governments in the EU, UK, and Australia are going so far as to ask Netflix to slow down streaming speeds and quality in order to keep up with the high internet demands. Your smart vibrator just isn’t a necessary strain on those already shaky online infrastructures.

At the same time, not all smart sex toys are created equal. Some address these problems better than others. But many of the top high-tech sex toy companies seeing spikes in their sales during coronavirus are also unfortunately some of the worst offenders.

Every single Bluetooth-connected toy from We-Vibe that we tried — from its internal vibe Jive, to external panty vibe Moxie, and even its interactive couples toys Rey and Reina — couldn’t maintain signals despite several different troubleshooting attempts. That’s not to mention the We-Connect app, which has hundreds of irate reviews on the App Store that speak for themselves.